For The Love of Art and humanity

Mural at True Core Behavioral Lake Academy

Client: Lake Academy

Project Duration: 4 Months

During a span of 4 months, a mural was created by and with the youth of Lake Academy, a residential Juvenile Detention Center. During our time together, we brainstormed a design for their intake hallway. The hallway in question contained an intake office, therapists, medical, solitary confinement cell, and was a source of much traffic. Once the design was solidified, painting began. The youth that were allowed to use flammable and controlled substances helped to paint the mural under supervision. This project was done in 2018, and is still visibly making an impact in the Juvenile Detention Center to this day.
Dimensions and layout of intake hallway
Outline drawing before the paint
Nearly finished project

Central Pasco Girls Academy

During a span of 6 weeks, youth from the Centeral Pasco Girls Academy learned how to create ceramics, give affirmations, and get in touch with the real meaning of their emotions.